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queerANarchive — at a time of normalization of the LGBT community through curatorial, artistic and educational programs, the collective deals with the particularities of queer culture. qEXHIBITIONS, qWORKSHOPS, qFEST and ZVJERINJAK are its regular. The programs cover the presentation and production of art forms in the fields of visual, audiovisual and innovative art practices and the organization of a social program for the queer community. The collective’s programs are taking place mainly in the Youth Center and the LGBT Center in Split. queerANarchive is also responsible for the development of the local LGBTIQ center.

E‑mail: queeranarchive@​gmail.​com

Contact: Tonči Kranjčević Batalić / tonci@​qsport.​info / 092/1009 – 999





Contents, performance



With queerANarchive Distro, DJ program, audition and recreation from the LGBT Center Split, you will also be able to see a film — Who Will Fuck Daddy Lasse […]

Kiernan Cobarrubia: CRUISING FLORA

exhibitions, Kocka Gallery


Kiernan Cobarrubia: CRUISING FLORA

Coming from his own personal interest in cruising (including both casual sex and spending time in nature), Kiernan Cobarrubia creates his work, based on a herbarium […]

AbFab Agency: Ulla the Influencer

This exhibition is a presentation of their work so far, showing all Ulla’s roles through the medium of photography and video, arranged chronologically so that we can track their development over the past year.

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