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qIZLOŽBA: Pawel Zukowski - QUEER ANGER

qIZLOŽBA: Pawel Zukowski — QUEER ANGER
July 25 — July 30 2022 / Kocka Gallery
Opening: July 25, 8 pm

Pawel Zukowski is an artist and activist who uses simple found materials in his work, such as cardboard from discarded boxes, boards from discarded pieces of furniture, posters and fabric. As a scholarship holder, the first one from Eastern Europe, this year he stayed at the Tom of Finland Foundation, where he researched their extensive archives of gay erotica. Referring to his own protest aesthetics, the author uses archival materials from which he creates new works, based on both queer anger and queer pleasure, works that not only bring us closer to a historical moment that the author came to know through the archives but works that resonate even today, calling for political engagement.

The exhibition can be viewed until July 30 from 19 to 21h. The exhibited works were created with the support of the Tom of Finland Foundation.

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