Dom mladih Split


The spaces in the Youth Center are used by NGOs and art organizations, although the building itself was never completed. Through many years of their effort, from fixing up the space to designing the content within them, which resulted in the development of an independent cultural and civil scene in the Center, the Youth Center has positioned itself as a center of independent culture and youth culture in Split. Furthermore, with the engagement of architect Dinko Peračić hired by the Multimedia Cultural Center, an architecture project was developed that would, with relatively small funds, bring the building to a condition where it is safe for users and suitable for contemporary cultural practice. He began working on bringing the unfinished parts of the Youth Center to their new purpose through a series of “minimal interventions”, because the works could only be done partially due to lack of funds.

The premises of the Youth Center, with as much as 10,000 m² of gross developed area, are used in various ways, from occasional use of certain spaces to permanent multi-year use. From the very beginning and entering the premises of the Youth Center, the users have been trying to affirm the ideas of cultural democracy and pluralism.

The space of the whole building has a great potential with the possibility of transforming the space in terms of the purpose of use, so we can talk about multi-purpose, hybrid spaces.

With the aim of being open to the local community, in order to make the most of the space in accordance with the program framework of the Youth Center, the premises are free to use by all citizens who respect the procedures and use the space responsibly. Information about each space and contact information for their use can be found below.

Read more about the history of the Youth Center, its organizations, mission and vision and structure at the link.

Ballet studio

Beton kino

Blue Hall

Climbing boulder

Concert Hall (Kocka)

Front yard

Hallway (Kocka)

Ispod bine

Kino klub

KLFM radio

Kocka Gallery

Mali amfiteatar

MKC Gallery

Open box


Play Drama



Skate Park

Studio 3/4

The Room/s (Mala scena)

Veliki amfiteatar


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