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“Today, most existing buildings are looking for their new lives, redevelopment, adaptation and reuse. The Youth Center is such an example in which we have adapted a large abandoned public facility (designed on one principle) to today’s dynamic cultural needs. The priority is for the space to live, to create a contemporary urban scene in it. The building is just an infrastructure for events, and we are here to improve, modify and adapt with our customers. ”
Dinko Peračić, architect

The Youth Center had one large problem: the size of the space to be tidied up (as much as 10,000 m² of gross developed area), as well as its atypical profile. Namely, under the auspices of Frane Grgurević, the building was originally designed so that the central venue occupies a large stage with bilateral amphitheater theaters, with a capacity of 350 + 650 seats, and a technical space of 23.5 meters in height. It is because of the grandeur of the project that it has never been completed, and any initiative to begin systematic renovation work has been halted because it would require huge financial resources.
Some ten years ago, the Multimedia Cultural Centre (MKC) hired Dinko Peračić to design a landscaping project that, with relatively little funding, would bring the building to a state of safety for users and make it appropriate for contemporary cultural practices. His involvement initiated the battle for finishing unregulated parts of the Youth Center through a series of “minimal interventions”, because work could only be done on a partial basis due to lack of funds. Thus, over time, the MKC Gallery was brought to the “usability stage”, which quickly established itself as one of the highest quality locations for the contemporary art scene. This was followed by the adaptation of the (small) amphitheater and Beton kino. All these spaces can be used for other purposes (workshops, panels, round tables).

Ballet studio

Beton kino

Climbing boulder

Concert Hall (Kocka)

Front yard

Hallway (Kocka)

Ispod bine

Kino klub

KLFM radio

Kocka Gallery

Mali amfiteatar

MKC Gallery

Open box


Play Drama

Print shop


Skate Park

Studio 3/4

The Room/s (Blue Hall)

The Room/s (Mala scena)

Veliki amfiteatar


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