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Studio ¾ is one of the associations operating within the Coalition of Youth Associations and was established with the aim of promoting music and audiovisual creativity. The organization places its activities in Kocka, i.e. in the premises internally called “3” and “4”. They host music rehearsals for young bands and they deal with production activities such as mixing, mastering and recording music. The second part of their program activities is focused on the organization of music events, such as the popular metal program “ZloSTavljanje” and “Gitarijada” — a competition of young and non-established musicians who have the opportunity to present their music to the audience on the plateau of the Youth Center.

E‑mail: studio34kocka@​gmail.​com

Contact: Jakov Tešija / jakovtes@​gmail.​com / 091/195‑4484


Guitar contest + Wizard of Stone Mountan (live)

music, Plateau


  Join us for a music contest at the Youth Center (Ulica Slobode 28, Split), that will take place on August 29th at 6pm! Submit your […]


music, Plateau


Enter the contest or simply root for your favorite artists

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