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Membrain Festival 2021 Official Launch

We invite you to yet another hot summer night in our front yard – join us for Split’s Official 2021 Launch Party for Membrain Festival! 

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Guitar contest + Wizard of Stone Mountan (live)

  Join us for a music contest at the Youth Center (Ulica Slobode 28, Split), that will take place on August 29th at 6pm! Submit your […]

Donkey Day - radio edition

Uzgon, KLFM Radio, Natural History Museum and ZOO Split invite you to a radio/donkey day. Spend this Saturday  afternoon at klfm​.org or (if you wish to […]

KockaStream_005 w/ Madezh, MJ Suddani

KockaStream live on Twitch: https://​www​.twit​ch​.tv/​k​l​u​b​k​o​cka ‑Madezh https://​soun​d​clo​ud​.com/​m​a​d​ezh ‑MJ Suddani https://​soun​d​clo​ud​.com/​m​j​s​u​d​d​ani

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KockaStream_003 w/ Carnero, Tonko, Mokosh

KockaStream live on Twitch TV Carnero Tonko Mokosh   Facebook

KockaStream_002 w/ Agregat Sun, Anako, Foxy

Stream link Facebook ‑Agregat Sun (Dubokotoplo, Zg) ‑Anako (PULР, St) ‑Foxy (Blast Fest, Ši) 

Art Squat - Youth Center Split - 1994

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Art Squat - Youth Center Split - 1994

The weekend is here!

We might be trapped in our houses, but that only means we have a unique opportunity to explore and party at home 😀

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Enter the contest or simply root for your favorite artists

KLFM Radio School 2020

Applications: till Feb 14
Form: here.

Start: Monday Feb 17.

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Zvuk 100: Marja Ahti

ZVUK 100 is a new experimental music and performing program run by contemporary circus collective ROOM 100 with an aim to introduce experimental and ambiance electronic music to the local community and tourists in Split and surrounding cities. ZVUK 100 hosts different musicians/artists from Croatia, region and Europe and on June 27th 2019 we are hosting Swedish-Finnish artist Marja Ahti.

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Radio na Cesti 2019 (Radio in the Streets 2019)

This year’s  RADIO NA CESTI tour starts on June 1st at the Youth Center Split. The soundcheck is scheduled for noon, and the concert begins […]

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