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KLFM – community radio is an association which in 2013 received funding through the Clubture Network, for the organization of two workshops and a roundtable aimed at launching advocacy, program, operational and technical activities to create the conditions for a community radio in Croatia. Since 2014, the project has continued as “Radio na Cesti”, through the promotion of community models. KLFM, in addition to its regular annual tour, regularly organizes “Radio škola” workshops, and this year a radio jingle workshop was organized as well as the “Radio u kvartu” program was launched as part of the “Gradimo Dom zajedno” project.

Twenty volunteers participate in the work of KLFM every day. Radio, for the most part, addresses programs to a more demanding audience and, with its non-profit status, it does not have to succumb to the tastes of the majority, which is already the target group of all other highly commercial radio stations. KLFM currently has an audience of over 5000 unique listeners per month. The radio stream is also available on the and Iskon platforms and is available in both iTunes and TuneIn Radio offers.

E‑mail: info@​klfm.​org

Contact: Ante Frankić / elsegundokl@​gmail.​com / 095/9024 – 295




Kockin ormar 23.1.2020.

Kockin ormar is a flea market type of event, where everyone can donate or take anything they want.

KLFM Radio School 2020

Applications: till Feb 14
Form: here.

Start: Monday Feb 17.

Radio na Cesti 2019 (Radio in the Streets 2019)

music, Plateau


This year’s  RADIO NA CESTI tour starts on June 1st at the Youth Center Split. The soundcheck is scheduled for noon, and the concert begins […]

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