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Tiramola is a dance association whose activity is oriented towards education through the field of contemporary dance and movement, as well as the production and distribution of dance and theater projects. Through contemporary dance training for all ages, Tiramola educates members and creates art creators and consumers for contemporary dance art. Dance trainings, as well as choreographic bases for working on the play, rely on various contemporary dance techniques: release technique, body-mind centering, feldenkreist, laban / bartenieff, natural movement, improvisation techniques, contact improvisation, physical theater, etc. Tiramola’s performances have high aesthetic values and qualities of movement, which aims at innovation and moving away from dominant currents.

E‑mail: plesnaudrugatiramola@​gmail.​com

Contact: Nikolina Dolfić / n.​dolfic@​gmail.​com / 091/7819 – 243



Contemporary dance workshops with artist Hartmut Reichel

HARTMUT REICHEL is a dancer, choreographer, actor and artistic director of the dance company Compagnie Empreintes, which operates in Lille, France. He was educated at the […]

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