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Info zone carries out its activities through three programs: Youth Information and Counseling, Quality Youth Leisure and Youth Policy and Advocacy. The activities are mostly realized in Info Zone’s spaces in Šperun, but it also hosts programs in other locations, one of which is the Youth Center. Klub Zona (a platform for individuals, informal groups and organizations that carry out activities for young people) offers young people the opportunity to spend quality free time with their educational, informative, cultural and fun events; to socialize; to develop their own potentials and to be motivated for active participation in society.

E‑mail: info@​infozona.​hr

Contact: Goran Biličić / goran@​infozona.​hr / 021/339 – 909
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Youth Center: a discussion

Learn all about the Youth center: on December 11 (at 6.30pm), we’re going for a tour around and inside the building and its history…

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