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Worshops with Circus sabok

* Circus SaboK residence is part of Artist in residence programme.
Artist in residence programme is created to provide different artists support for creation and at the same time creating local contemporary circus programme through production support and education. 

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*In case of applying for more than one workshop, 15% off for the full fee is available.

Dance acrobatics workshop with Kert Ridaste

13.12.2019. friday 18.30 — 20.30 h



Handstand workshop

06.12.2019. Friday 20.00 — 21. 30 h
07.12.2019. Saturday 16.00 — 18.00 h

Developing a handstand technique. Developing awareness of being upside down, trying different preparation exercises for advanced positions, if possible positioning body in different figures of handstand. Getting an understanding of the basics and some of the advanced positions.
Suitable for all levels of handstand.
Required skills: willingness to learn, patience.
Maximum of 15 participants.
Possibility for more participants with two teachers, depending on interest.

One day participation: 110 kn


Vertical rope workshop 

07.12.2019. Saturday 09.00 — 12.00 h
08.12.2019. Sunday 17.00 — 20.00 h

Focusing to find your own unique way to play and present vertical rope, while learning dynamic rope techniques and new tricks.
Prerequisites: Able to climb up and down a vertical rope, feeling comfortable being upside down, able to hang from rope without legs.
The workshop is both for beginners and advanced, both can enjoy this course and gain knowledge and skills.
Maximum of 15 participants.

One day participation: 170 kn


About the artists
Kert Ridaste and Saana Leppänen are coming from countries close to each other, Estonia and Finland.
Both started at an early age in local youth circuses. While Kert was in OMAtsirkus emphasizing movement and dancing and competing in partner acrobatics, Saana was in Sorin Sirkus focusing on aerials and expressing herself on stage trough theater.
Their roads met in Dance and Circus University at Stockholm (DOCH) where they graduated together at 2018 with disciplines of hand to hand, dance acrobatics and vertical rope. Yet both of them have their own colorful background they realized the enjoyment of moving, creating and at the end performing together.

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