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"Tumult" - work in progress

“Tumult” — work in progress
13.11. / 7:30 pm / Mala scena

Three tightwire artists limited to balance on one tightwire. The footsteps of the one will become the others.

Tumult is a collective of four tightwire artists. The collective works on relearning and redefining diverse ways of collaborating on the tightwire. The challenge is to work with four people on a single wire simultaneously. The fragile and limited space becomes a moving ground unpredictable in its reactions: How to work together when each movement might take away the other’s balance? How to help each other? When does help become a burden to someone else? How to cooperate? What can we do, if we decide to trust? The emergency exit will be the fall.

The fragile space on the tightwire and a minimalistic scenography highlights the interactions of the artists. Paint will be used to uncover the traces of our relationships and experiences, leaving behind a memento of the past. A first try-out, a blank canvas to be explored.

Residency is part of the programme Collaboration laboratory for interdisciplinary practices, a regional project with four partner associations from Southeast Europe included: Circus Collective — association for contemporary circus and related artistic practices (Split, Croatia), Cirkorama (Zagreb, Croatia), Tuzla live (Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Anazitites Theatrou (Thessaloniki, Greece).

Collaboration laboratory for interdisciplinary practices is part of the annual Artist in residence program implemented by Circus Collective — association for contemporary circus and related artistic practices.

Program is supported by Teatroskop (South-Eastern European Network for Performing Arts), Zaklada kultura Nova, Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia , The City of Split, Split — Dalmatia County and Acción Cultural Española AC/E.

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