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Uzgon was founded in 1998 with the aim of developing and promoting contemporary art, with an emphasis on performing, audio-visual and interdisciplinary artistic activities and production of non-commercial creative and research works of art. Uzgon was designed as an administrative platform for the Fraktal Falus Teatar (theater group), Zidar Betonsky (music), Behemot (scenography and puppetry) and Resign (DTP, design) sections. To date, Fraktal Falus Teatar (FFT) is active: in the beginning, it was a cleaning brigade for the Youth Center, and its members were the first to create program at the then abandoned facility and advocate its completion. FFT was launched back in 1994 and over the years it has produced a range of interdisciplinary contemporary performances and performances based on physical theater, through which they covered a wide range of topics — from civil rights, through ecology, to religious and political conflicts.

Projects: “Victimize” (2013), “Ovo ne staje tek tako” (2012), “Proces Protokol” (2011), “Judita” (2010), “Judita 360” (2009), “Jezici v2” (2006), “Jezici” (2005), “Vena Cava” (2001), “Olovni vojnici” (2000), “Vena Cava” (1999), “Olovni vojnici” (1998), “Šah Mat” (1997), “Razgovor s Bogom” (1996), “Ribar” (1995), “Otmica Europe” (1994), “Stolice” (1994).

Contact: Hrvoje Cokarić /</a / 095/9053 – 879



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With queerANarchive Distro, DJ program, audition and recreation from the LGBT Center Split, you will also be able to see a film — Who Will Fuck Daddy Lasse […]

Donkey Day - radio edition

Uzgon, KLFM Radio, Natural History Museum and ZOO Split invite you to a radio/donkey day. Spend this Saturday  afternoon at klfm​.org or (if you wish to […]

Art Squat - Youth Center Split - 1994

music, Veliki amfiteatar


Art Squat - Youth Center Split - 1994

The weekend is here!

We might be trapped in our houses, but that only means we have a unique opportunity to explore and party at home 😀

"Hide the sun" - radio drama



Uzgon is presenting a radio drama meant for performing while moving. The drama is an adaptation of a text by Ronald Panza “Sakrij sunce” (“Hide the Sun”). The […]

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