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Positive Force is an association which gives framework to the contemporary circus collective ROOM 100. ROOM 100 was founded in 2007 by Antonia Kuzmanić and Jakov Labrović and it deals with production and distribution of contemporary circus performances and experimental theater as well as realization of different projects and programs. It directly affects the development of contemporary circus in Croatia and its relevance in the local, national and international context. Shows that were produced by the collective were internationally distributed and awarded; ROOM 100 manages HALA 100 – a residential space for contemporary circus (a pioneering space of that type in the context of Croatian culture) and it’s a partner on the „Circusnext PLaTFoRM“ project, funded by Creative Europe 2018 – 2021.

Contact: Antonia Kuzmanić / antonia.​kuzmanic@​gmail.​com / 099/668‑1189




Un loup pour l'homme: FACE NORD

performance, Plateau


On of the most recognized French contemporary circus collectives Un loup pour l’homme are coming to Split!

Zvuk 100: Marja Ahti

Mali amfiteatar, music, performance


ZVUK 100 is a new experimental music and performing program run by contemporary circus collective ROOM 100 with an aim to introduce experimental and ambiance electronic music to the local community and tourists in Split and surrounding cities. ZVUK 100 hosts different musicians/artists from Croatia, region and Europe and on June 27th 2019 we are hosting Swedish-Finnish artist Marja Ahti.

Madame Gauc: Fil (work-in-progress)

We are pleased to invite you to the work-in-progress presentation of “Fil” by the Spanish contemporary circus collective Madame Gauc in Amfiteatar Doma mladih on […]

CircusNext project 2019-2020 (presentation)

As we await the open call for the next edition of the CircusNext project, ROOM 100 will make a presentation of the project at the Youth Center on April 5, 2019.

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