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Platforma 9,81 is an architectural collective that bases its activity on the fair and sustainable use of spatial resources and the participation of all citizens in spatial development. The goal of Platforma 9.81 is to explore spatial and urban phenomena in the context of political, economic and cultural change, develop contemporary architectural practices and interdisciplinary educational collaborations, promote new urban practices and activism. Platforma 9.81 encourages intersectoral projects in the field of wider social action, working to inform, educate and service the public and civil society organizations to influence national spatial policies.

New architecture and urban practices are being developed as culture practices, through interdisciplinary research studies, educational programs, organization of public lectures, culture events, exhibitions and media activities. The area of activity is focused on the development of sustainable spatial development models, in particular the development of new models of public and cultural spaces through the creation of innovative organizational foundations for cultural activity.

The purpose from the beginning was to develop the architectural and urban planning profession. By encouraging communication with the public, introducing models of intersectoral and interdisciplinary project collaboration on projects that are otherwise considered the exclusive domain of the profession, and developing media activity as an integral part of architectural tasks, the boundaries of educational programs and practical activities in architecture and urbanism are widened.

The organization’s programs are implemented in collaboration with numerous organizations, institutions and individuals.

Contact: miranda@​platforma981.​hr / 091/5704 – 252


Igor Grubić: Tragovi nestajanja (u tri čina) / Traces of disappearance (in three acts)

exhibitions, MKC Gallery


Igor Grubić presented his project curated by Katerina Gregos at the 58th Venice Biennial. Before the exhibition opening at the Youth Center’s Gallery (MKC) at […]

DKC-HR Workshop

DKC-HR Workshop: Needs and Opportunities for Spatial Infrastructure Development for Socio-Cultural Centers


Contents, exhibitions, MKC Gallery


The exhibiton by IVAN MARUŠIĆ KLIF: KLIZANJE U NEPOZNATO will open on Thursday, December 12th at 7.30 pm at the Youth Center’s Gallery (MKC).

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