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Multimedia Cultural Centre Split (MKC) is an institution for organizing and promoting cultural programs in the fields of visual, film, performing and music arts. It was founded in 1998 as a city institution for culture that fosters a research and interdisciplinary approach to work. The work of MKC is based on the idea of an open institution. In addition to producing its own program, the institution enables independent cultural representatives to work in multiple comparative initiatives, collaborates with institutions, associations and creative individuals in co-production programs. It also manages the space of the Youth Center, guided by the idea that defines the Center as a meeting place for different fields of activity, interests, perceptions and thinking.

The exhibition program in the MKC Gallery is open to all visual expressions of contemporary art practice, with an emphasis on research strategies and contemporary media experiences, as well as the use of new technologies. In addition to solo and group exhibitions of recent local and foreign artists, attention is also given to the presentation of important subcultural events and various forms of popular culture, as well as the initiation of engaged artistic actions. The film program is aimed at presenting the so-called small cinemas that are a rare guest in the repertoire of Croatian distributors and reflect different worldviews in conceptual and aesthetic terms.

E‑mail: mkcsplit@​mkcsplit.​hr

Contact: Joško Jerončić / josko.​jeroncic@​mkcsplit.​hr / 021/537 – 449




Contemporary dance workshops with artist Hartmut Reichel

HARTMUT REICHEL is a dancer, choreographer, actor and artistic director of the dance company Compagnie Empreintes, which operates in Lille, France. He was educated at the […]

Neli Ružić: Timescape



Gallery MKC Exhibition opening: May 8, from 12 h Exhibition / May 8 – 29,2021. Gallery opening hours: from 2 to 9 p.m., every day except Sundays and holidays The […]

MKC Split announces a call for the regular exhibition program in 2022



Multimedia Cultural Center Split announces a call for the regular exhibition program in 2022, organized by MKC Split, a call for the presentation of audio work within the exhibition cycle of ‘Sound-Object’ 2022, and an application for programs within the organization and production of other cultural-artistic organizations who aim to use the spatial capacity of Gallery MKC, Amphitheater and Concrete Cinema.

Igor Grubić: Tragovi nestajanja (u tri čina) / Traces of disappearance (in three acts)

exhibitions, MKC Gallery


Igor Grubić presented his project curated by Katerina Gregos at the 58th Venice Biennial. Before the exhibition opening at the Youth Center’s Gallery (MKC) at […]

Slučajni život (Accidental Life), film, dir.Ante Peterlić

Beton kino, film


Accidental Life (Slučajni život) is a 1969 Yugoslav drama film directed by Ante Peterlić, starring Dragutin Klobučar, Ivo Serdar, Ana Karić and Zvonimir Rogoz. An existential […]


Contents, exhibitions, MKC Gallery


The exhibiton by IVAN MARUŠIĆ KLIF: KLIZANJE U NEPOZNATO will open on Thursday, December 12th at 7.30 pm at the Youth Center’s Gallery (MKC).

Vice Tomasović: Spiritual Practice

exhibitions, MKC Gallery


Vice Tomasović graduated in Visual Art from the Split Art Academy in 2009. He is the founder and director of the Almissa Open Art Festival of contemporary art in Omiš. He is also director and head of exhibition programming of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists Split. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, art festivals and events as a visual artist, organizer and curator. His artistic expression is linked to the medium of painting, installation and performance. He has received several awards as an artist.

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