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Coalition of Youth Associations (KUM) is the first coalition registered in Croatia (since 2001), working on production and development of contemporary culture-art events in Split. Through its project „Klub Kocka“ – one of the few alternative/underground clubs in Split – it offers young people a chance to participate in innovative programs, offering them space, technical support and mentoring for research and experiment within all fields of audio-visual arts.

Since 2001, KUM has created daily programs which include music, performance, education, club, IT, exhibition and art activities which respond to the needs and interests of Split’s youth. The activities are conceived as non-institutional education / workshops in the service of a high-quality and diverse free time. Its associations today: KLFM, Activist, Romb, Studio ¾, Noćna leptirica.

E‑mail: kum.​kocka@​gmail.​com

Contact: Vedrana Krstulović Relija / vkrstulov@​gmail.​com / 097/654 – 1106




Membrain Festival 2021 Official Launch

We invite you to yet another hot summer night in our front yard – join us for Split’s Official 2021 Launch Party for Membrain Festival! 

KockaStream_005 w/ Madezh, MJ Suddani

KockaStream live on Twitch: https://​www​.twit​ch​.tv/​k​l​u​b​k​o​cka ‑Madezh https://​soun​d​clo​ud​.com/​m​a​d​ezh ‑MJ Suddani https://​soun​d​clo​ud​.com/​m​j​s​u​d​d​ani

KockaStream_003 w/ Carnero, Tonko, Mokosh

Hallway (Kocka), music


KockaStream live on Twitch TV Carnero Tonko Mokosh   Facebook

KockaStream_002 w/ Agregat Sun, Anako, Foxy

Stream link Facebook ‑Agregat Sun (Dubokotoplo, Zg) ‑Anako (PULР, St) ‑Foxy (Blast Fest, Ši) 

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