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Kolektiv Style Force

Europska unija "Zajedno do fondova EU"

Kolektiv Snaga Stila was founded in 2001 in Split. It is continuously working on promoting, developing and improving dance and urban dance and culture through education, research, art, sports and publishing work. The association works in the fields of culture and art, activism, education and it implements programs for achieving top sports results for young people, with recreational dance programs for citizens. Members of the association regularly participate and win awards at foreign and domestic competitions in hip-hop, break-dance and disco-dance. Emphasis is placed on interactive workshops on several levels: movement elements and listening to music, recognizing rhythmic changes, step variations, creating complex movements, stage performances and battle & freestyle.

Contact: Iva Latinac / iva.​latinac@​gmail.​com / 095/8165 – 656


Voguing/waacking workshop

Join us for a day of free dance workshops: Mateja Miković and Zvonimir Spears Arapović are taking us into the world of voguing and waacking!

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