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Cirkus kolektiv is an association whose goal is to develop contemporary circus art. The association is engaged in education, organization, distribution and production and its programs are intended for all ages and social groups. Some of them are the Artist in residence, Open Stage, Circus Quiz, Circle of master workshops and regular educational activities in various circus disciplines.

E‑mail: cirkuskolektiv@​gmail.​com

Kontakt: Ivana Vukušić / nea.​ivana@​gmail.​com / 098/1617 – 339




Workshop: Vertical theatre with Tk Paauwe-Roberts

Workshop: Vertical theatre with Tk Paauwe-Roberts
Monday, 20 September 2021 / 18:00 — 21:00

Marina Cherry: ONLY BONES V1.6

Cirkus Kolektiv welcomes you to 4th Cycle of circus shows!

Cirkusiranje / Open Stage

Circus Collective — association for contemporary circus and related artistic practices invites you to CIRKUSIRANJE and our third Open stage — evening of performances. It will take place in Split, in the outside area of public park Turska kula, this time out in the open with a lot of additional activities!
Free entrance!

My Death and I

In cooperation with the Circus Collective, on Friday, July 31, at 9 pm, on the Small Stage of the Youth Center, Petra Najman will give a presentation […]

Danijela Zajc - ''Etude For Prepared Piano And Rope ''

performance, Plateau


You will see 4 ‘movements’ (parts) of the “Etude for prepared piano and rope” which is still in development.

2nd Kids' Open Stage

KULTURNA ALTERNATIVA MLADIH — HRAM is welcoming you to our second Kids Open stage — evening of performances! 

Circus Sabok: Sabotage

Mali amfiteatar, performance


The show brings gender issues closer to people by forgetting the individualism and showing that we are all the same. On stage, you can see male and female bodies, but only one mind that works in unison. 

Worshops with Circus sabok

* Circus SaboK residence is part of Artist in residence programme.
Artist in residence programme is created to provide different artists support for creation and at the same time creating local contemporary circus programme through production support and education. 

Aaron Kozloff: Aerial straps workshop

This workshop will be beneficial for aerial artists who want to improve their spinning technique, meathooks/reverse-meathooks, roll-ups, and other skills on any apparatus. No straps experience required.

It Happens (work-in-progress)

It happens… is a solo trapeze act based on movement research and theatre. It happens is a personal piece, a creation with an own life that happens to happen, a tiny peep into the life of Júlia, the performer. It happens… is a dialogue between success and failure, beauty and shame, serenity and frustration.

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