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Activist has been implementing activities related to youth leisure and the development of civil society and libertarian ideas while promoting equality, solidarity and cooperation, since 2000. In addition to metal, hardcore and punk concerts, DJ programs and exhibitions, the Activist’s most visible activities are “Food, Not Bombs” — a solidarity based cooking action for the public while promoting anti-militarism; “Punk Domjenak” — a punk program in Kocka, accompanied by hot and cold dishes, tea; game nights, public actions and workshops; flea markets for promoting anti-consumerism and encouraging recycling. Activist also established the first an independent library in Split (Open Box), in the Youth Center.

E‑mail: openbox.​st@​gmail.​com

Contact: Katarina Duplančić / katarinaduplancic@​gmail.​com / 098/9602 – 701



Kockin ormar 23.1.2020.

Kockin ormar is a flea market type of event, where everyone can donate or take anything they want.

OpenBox: Tea Party + F12 Free Art Display

Have a sip of tea while enjoying free art and our selection of board games…

Meeting the associations: Activist & Photo-audio project

Meet some of the youth associations that are active in the Youth Center: join in for a casual presentation and discover all activities by Activist and […]

Open Box / Moja Dugina obitelj (LGBTI children's book)

Join us to discover the pages of a new children’s book on LGBTI topics. Daniel Martinović (author, coordinator of Gudine obitelji association) will introduce us to […]

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