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Creative and knot workshop by Rollmeknot & Delia Ceruti

Monday 20.7.2020.
17 — 20.30 h///

Rollmeknot have tailored a unique 3.30 hrs workshop fusing their interests as well as self created aerial practices.
During the warm up they will cover core work followed by a Gaga inspired movement improvisation focusing on tension — release contrast.
The first half of the workshop, Gaia and Georgina share their approaches to elaborate a unique, intimate and individual quality of movement. A series of exercises inspired by floor games and applied to the air where everyone will have the opportunity to try, create and observe from one another. Through these guided activities, participants are stimulated to find their own routes and roots to develop their own most natural physical expression and style.
Knots have been one of Gaia’s main curiosities and muses for many years and she will share some of her own inspiring rope research and theories. She also teaches some of her tricks and explores “the art of doing and undoing” knots in the air. 

Tuesday 21.7.2020.
17 — 20 h @Mala scena Doma mladih///

Delia will present a one-day, three-hour long rope workshop. 

Her teaching style is strongly influenced by her own practice which combines aerial acrobatics with her dance background and an extensive stage experience.

The workshop will focus on:
 — floor work exploration with rope to get into the groove
 — progressions for rolling techniques on vertical apparatuses
 — sharing of some elements/sequences created over the years or explored starting from “existing” rope vocabulary

Price for one workshop is 250kn, for both workshops 400 kn. 

Number of participants is limited, apply through the form

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