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Preshow: Joan Catala - Pelat (CANCELLED)



Joan Catala, a reknowned Spanish artist, will perform his show “Pelat” on March 28 at noon, in front of the Golden Gate (Diocletian’s palace), as an announcment for the Peculiar Families Festival !

„Pelat“ is a contemporary circus show which received many awards since its premiere in 2013, and since, it was displayed in New York, Seoul, Montreal, Paris, Stockholm, Cape Town, Barcelona, and this is their first show in this part of Europe.

Joan Català-aRts escèniques
The show is free and kid-friendly.

The program is supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Acción Cultural Española, AC/E.
Room 100 is supported by Zaklada Kultura nova.

The activity is a part of “Gradimo Dom zajedno”, co-funded by the European Union (ESF).

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