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Youth Center: a discussion

Learn all about the Youth center: on December 11 (at 6.30pm), we’re going for a tour around and inside the building and its history…

Kockin ormar 23.1.2020.

Kockin ormar is a flea market type of event, where everyone can donate or take anything they want.

OpenBox: Tea Party + F12 Free Art Display

Have a sip of tea while enjoying free art and our selection of board games…


music, Plateau


Enter the contest or simply root for your favorite artists

Meeting the associations: Activist & Photo-audio project

Meet some of the youth associations that are active in the Youth Center: join in for a casual presentation and discover all activities by Activist and […]

KLFM Radio School 2020

Applications: till Feb 14
Form: here.

Start: Monday Feb 17.

"Hide the sun" - radio drama



Uzgon is presenting a radio drama meant for performing while moving. The drama is an adaptation of a text by Ronald Panza “Sakrij sunce” (“Hide the Sun”). […]

Slučajni život (Accidental Life), film, dir.Ante Peterlić

Beton kino, film


Accidental Life (Slučajni život) is a 1969 Yugoslav drama film directed by Ante Peterlić, starring Dragutin Klobučar, Ivo Serdar, Ana Karić and Zvonimir Rogoz. An existential […]

Open Box / Moja Dugina obitelj (LGBTI children's book)

Join us to discover the pages of a new children’s book on LGBTI topics. Daniel Martinović (author, coordinator of Gudine obitelji association) will introduce us to […]

NMG@PRAKTIKA_Dajana Džafo: Prirodni okoliš

exhibitions, Kocka Gallery


Dajana Džafo was born in 1988 in Split. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Split, she enrolled in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies in Split, and in 2013 she obtained the title of Bachelor of Art History and Philosophy. In the same year, she enrolled at the Arts Academy in Split, where she graduated in 2019 with the title of Master of Visual Culture and Fine Arts with a specialization in graphic arts, in the class of Professor Edvin Dragičević. Since 2019, she is a member of the Croatian Association of Visual Artists. She is the manager of several art projects and workshops. So far, she has realized one solo exhibited and participated in several group exhibitions.

2nd Kids' Open Stage

KULTURNA ALTERNATIVA MLADIH — HRAM is welcoming you to our second Kids Open stage — evening of performances!

Circus Sabok: Sabotage

Mali amfiteatar, performance


The show brings gender issues closer to people by forgetting the individualism and showing that we are all the same. On stage, you can see male and female bodies, but only one mind that works in unison.


Contents, exhibitions, MKC Gallery


The exhibiton by IVAN MARUŠIĆ KLIF: KLIZANJE U NEPOZNATO will open on Thursday, December 12th at 7.30 pm at the Youth Center’s Gallery (MKC).

Worshops with Circus sabok

* Circus SaboK residence is part of Artist in residence programme.
Artist in residence programme is created to provide different artists support for creation and at the same time creating local contemporary circus programme through production support and education.

NMG@PRAKTIKA_Iva Džaja: 3.13 mph

exhibitions, Kocka Gallery


Iva Džaja, a young artist, takes us for a completely unstressed walk through symbolical and abstract scenes that have occupied her photographic eye in the past two years, as she strolled aimlessly through urban spaces.

Aaron Kozloff: Aerial straps workshop

This workshop will be beneficial for aerial artists who want to improve their spinning technique, meathooks/reverse-meathooks, roll-ups, and other skills on any apparatus. No straps experience required.


exhibitions, MKC Gallery


Our team of curators, designers, technicians and producers — Natasha Kadin, Tihana Mandušić, Lana Beović, Tina Vukasović Đaković, Ivana Vukušić, Nikola Križanac, Gildo Bavčević, and Hrvoje Pelicarić — thus […]

NMG@PRAKTIKA_Tamara Sekulić: Priroda i društvo



As the title implies, Tamara Sekulić’s first exhibition in Split deals with the topic of ecology while referring to lost trades, the problem of genetically […]

Un loup pour l'homme: FACE NORD

performance, Plateau


On of the most recognized French contemporary circus collectives Un loup pour l’homme are coming to Split!

NMG@PRAKTIKA_Nikolina Kuzmić: Arhiva patoloških stakalaca

exhibitions, Kocka Gallery


Nikolina Kuzmić was born in 1994 in Split. She graduated Painting from the Arts Academy in Split in class of Professor Nina Ivančić. She held a few solo shows and participated in a few group ones. She presented the Archive of Pathological Slides at this year’s HT Award for Croatian Contemporary Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

Zvuk 100: Marja Ahti

Mali amfiteatar, music, performance


ZVUK 100 is a new experimental music and performing program run by contemporary circus collective ROOM 100 with an aim to introduce experimental and ambiance electronic music to the local community and tourists in Split and surrounding cities. ZVUK 100 hosts different musicians/artists from Croatia, region and Europe and on June 27th 2019 we are hosting Swedish-Finnish artist Marja Ahti.

Madame Gauc: Fil (work-in-progress)

We are pleased to invite you to the work-in-progress presentation of “Fil” by the Spanish contemporary circus collective Madame Gauc in Amfiteatar Doma mladih on […]

Radio na Cesti 2019 (Radio in the Streets 2019)

music, Plateau


This year’s  RADIO NA CESTI tour starts on June 1st at the Youth Center Split. The soundcheck is scheduled for noon, and the concert begins […]

NMG@PRAKTIKA_Niko Mihaljević: Need Your Love So Bad, performance

Need Your Love So Bad is a famous blues ballad composed way back in 1955. Multiple covers of the tune exist, but the most famous one […]



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