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The submissions for Split Film Festival / International Festival Of New Film are officialy open

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Creative and knot workshop by Rollmeknot & Delia Ceruti

///1. ROLLMEKNOT — ROPE AND SILKS SOLO CREATIVE AND KNOT WORKSHOP Monday 20.7.2020. 17 — 20.30 h/// Rollmeknot have tailored a unique 3.30 hrs workshop fusing their interests as well as self […]

Danijela Zajc - ''Etude For Prepared Piano And Rope ''

performance, Plateau


You will see 4 ‘movements’ (parts) of the “Etude for prepared piano and rope” which is still in development.

NMG@PRAKTIKA_Vladimir Novak: I have/ There is (no) time

exhibitions, Kocka Gallery


OPENING: Thursday, 4th June 2020, at 20:30 h

DURATION: 4 June — 11 June from 20:30 to 22h

Youth center Split, Ulica slobode 28

Donkey Day - radio edition

Uzgon, KLFM Radio, Natural History Museum and ZOO Split invite you to a radio/donkey day. Spend this Saturday  afternoon at klfm​.org or (if you wish to […]

KockaStream_005 w/ Madezh, MJ Suddani

KockaStream live on Twitch: https://​www​.twit​ch​.tv/​k​l​u​b​k​o​cka ‑Madezh https://​soun​d​clo​ud​.com/​m​a​d​ezh ‑MJ Suddani https://​soun​d​clo​ud​.com/​m​j​s​u​d​d​ani

KockaStream_003 w/ Carnero, Tonko, Mokosh

Hallway (Kocka), music


KockaStream live on Twitch TV Carnero Tonko Mokosh   Facebook

KockaStream_002 w/ Agregat Sun, Anako, Foxy

Stream link Facebook ‑Agregat Sun (Dubokotoplo, Zg) ‑Anako (PULР, St) ‑Foxy (Blast Fest, Ši) 

Watch culture events at home!



Croatian Ministry of Culture will post information and announcements about culture contents which will be streamed via various distribution channels.

Art Squat - Youth Center Split - 1994

music, Veliki amfiteatar


Art Squat - Youth Center Split - 1994

The weekend is here!

We might be trapped in our houses, but that only means we have a unique opportunity to explore and party at home 😀

Igor Grubić: Tragovi nestajanja (u tri čina) / Traces of disappearance (in three acts)

exhibitions, MKC Gallery


Igor Grubić presented his project curated by Katerina Gregos at the 58th Venice Biennial. Before the exhibition opening at the Youth Center’s Gallery (MKC) at […]

AbFab Agency: Ulla the Influencer

This exhibition is a presentation of their work so far, showing all Ulla’s roles through the medium of photography and video, arranged chronologically so that we can track their development over the past year. 

Preshow: Joan Catala - Pelat (CANCELLED)



Joan Catala, a reknowned Spanish artist, will perform his show “Pelat” on March 28 at noon, in front of the Golden Gate (Diocletian’s palace), as an announcment for the Peculiar Families Festival !

Voguing/waacking workshop

Join us for a day of free dance workshops: Mateja Miković and Zvonimir Spears Arapović are taking us into the world of voguing and waacking!

NMG@PRAKTIKA: Contemporaray Topography

exhibitions, Kocka Gallery


NMG@PRAKTIKA: Contemporaray Topography

The exhibition includes works by architects, artists and editors, all of which used animated GIFs to present their works related to spatial issues. Animated GIF is medium which is symptom of de-territorialisation when boundaries between time and space are erased. At the same time, it has capacity to document changes in history, to embody progressive architectural concepts and to give critical reflection on social realities. In short, it has capacity to present changes in topography, those smallest changes that can greatly affect living.

DKC-HR Workshop

DKC-HR Workshop: Needs and Opportunities for Spatial Infrastructure Development for Socio-Cultural Centers

Youth Center: a discussion

Learn all about the Youth center: on December 11 (at 6.30pm), we’re going for a tour around and inside the building and its history…

Kockin ormar 23.1.2020.

Kockin ormar is a flea market type of event, where everyone can donate or take anything they want.

OpenBox: Tea Party + F12 Free Art Display

Have a sip of tea while enjoying free art and our selection of board games…


music, Plateau


Enter the contest or simply root for your favorite artists

Meeting the associations: Activist & Photo-audio project

Meet some of the youth associations that are active in the Youth Center: join in for a casual presentation and discover all activities by Activist and […]

KLFM Radio School 2020

Applications: till Feb 14
Form: here.

Start: Monday Feb 17.

"Hide the sun" - radio drama



Uzgon is presenting a radio drama meant for performing while moving. The drama is an adaptation of a text by Ronald Panza “Sakrij sunce” (“Hide the Sun”). The […]

Slučajni život (Accidental Life), film, dir.Ante Peterlić

Beton kino, film


Accidental Life (Slučajni život) is a 1969 Yugoslav drama film directed by Ante Peterlić, starring Dragutin Klobučar, Ivo Serdar, Ana Karić and Zvonimir Rogoz. An existential […]

Open Box / Moja Dugina obitelj (LGBTI children's book)

Join us to discover the pages of a new children’s book on LGBTI topics. Daniel Martinović (author, coordinator of Gudine obitelji association) will introduce us to […]



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