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Membrain Festival 2021 Official Launch

We invite you to yet another hot summer night in our front yard – join us for Split’s Official 2021 Launch Party for Membrain Festival! 

You may have noticed that our courtyard is (at least in our opinion) looking better than ever!

We intend to make the absolute most of this newly rejuvenated space and have it not merely look amazing, but sound amazing as well!

And so, we hereby invite you to yet another (pleasantly?) hot summer night just outside Kocka’s main entrance – join us for Split’s Official 2021 Launch Party for Membrain Festival!

For this occasion, we’ll be shaking things up with the help of some old friends, whom many of you will already be familiar with as members of the legendary Loopjunkies collective: VRH and Vizitor. The Zagreb-based young talent LucyLyu will soup things up with his own dnb selection, while our very own ( p )resident Vexi plans to treat us to some heavyweight dub and dubstep.

We’re revving up pretty early — starting at 5pm you’re welcome to join us right outside the club, check out all the fresh murals we put up, and let some excellent music transform the July heat from barely tolerable to downright preferable.

See you Saturday, July 24th!

More info on Membrain festival:
Membrain festival is an underground bass culture festival that is nurturing its community, abiding by the original ethos that sprouted the whole movement and keeps propelling it still today. For some, it may be reminiscent of raves while at the same time being different and best of all in a very relaxed Mediterranean surrounding.
Membrain Festival is here to bring cultures together, share a community-based vibe and bring back the essence of the underground ideal, as much as to create opportunities to network and promote between up and coming with established artists/labels.


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