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La Barque Acide - TIRA (WIP)

La Barque Acide — TIRA (WIP)
1 October 2023 / 6:30 p.m. / The Room/s (Mala scena)

Cirkus Kolektiv, as part of the annual residency program, presents a work-in-progress presentation of creation TIRA by the international company La Barque Acide.

Tira is a game about the curiosity of establishing new limits in your own world. It is drawing limits for the pleasure of breaking them.

Tira is sincerity, it is the complicity of the looks.

Tira is transformation, a string becomes everything: the kiss of the grandmother you hated so much when you were little, the caress of someone who is no longer there, the realisation that you are not the woman they expected you to be, but in the end it’s not so bad…

Maci got to know the circus at the age of 23. She discovered it, saw it and fell in love with it. She attended the circus school Vertigo in Turin and later she simultaneously studied at Le Lido, a circus school in Toulouse and at the Jean Jaurès University. In 2022/2023 he worked on the creation of the 27th Circ d’Hivern, “fam” of the Ateneu de Nou Barris (Barcelona).

Since she was a child, Carla has been attracted to the arts. She is born in Valladolid, Spain. She studied at the University of Fine Arts in Salamanca. Later she enrolled in the circus school Le Lido, motivated by juggling and the body as a tool for emotional language. Carla developed her work in Olot (Spain) with Iris Ziordia, known for her innovative approach to juggling and emotion.

La Barque Acide is a company born in 2018 in Toulouse, with. 9 artists the 25th promotion of Lido. The company made its debut at La Grainerie in 2021 with the show “The end is Nigh”.

Three new projects are currently being created: “Croquette corps cornichon” by Stephanie and Camille Bontout-Mouat, “Pacemaker” by Marcelo Nunes and “Tira” by Carla Carnerero Huertas and Maria Celeste Funghi.


Artist in residence programme is created to provide different artists support for creation and at the same time creating a local contemporary circus programme through production support and education.

The program is supported by the Foundation Kultura nova, City of Split, Ministry of Culture and Media, Split-Dalmatia county.

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