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On Monday, July 27, at 9:30 pm, Kino Cirkus will be a guest in the beautiful ambience of the Bačvice Open-Air Cinema (Šetalište Petra Preradovića 6). We will be showing the Brazilian film “Bingo: The King of Mornings”.

Augusto is an artist who, following the footsteps of his mother (a stage artist of the 50s), seeks his place under the spotlight. Impatient in his search for applause, he is finally given the opportunity when he becomes Bingo, a TV presenter in a popular children’s show. Bingo grows into an absolute star in Brazil, but a clause in August’s contract forbids him from revealing his identity. Augusto becomes an anonymous celebrity. This film, inspired by the true story of Arlind Barrett, one of the many actors who portrayed Bozo The Clown in Brazil, is a surreal story of a man who fails in character as he grabs artistic fame.

“Bingo: The King of the Mornings” won the Cinema Brazil Grand Prize in 2018, where it won all the key awards: for best film, best lead and supporting actor, best editing, set design, costume design and make-up. The film was also a Brazilian Oscar nominee.

The film is shown with Croatian and English subtitles.

Kino Cirkus is an educational film program of the contemporary circus collective Split ROOM 100, with which the audience can expand their knowledge about the layers of circus art, its significance, history and development.
Kino Cirkus is realized with the financial support of the Croatian Audiovisual Center. The screening at the Bačvice Open-Air Cinema is being realized in cooperation with Kino Mediteran and the Golden Gate Center for Culture and Lifelong Learning. The work of ROOM 100 is supported by the Kultura nova Foundation.

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