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Circus Sabok: Sabotage

The show brings gender issues closer to people by forgetting the individualism and showing that we are all the same. On stage, you can see male and female bodies, but only one mind that works in unison. 

Sabotage is a performing art piece filled with propositions and visually stimulating images. Sabotage creates a world where actions become a dance between tension and release. 

Sabotage is exploring our similarities and how different bodies work. We can’t deny that circus has strong masculine traits. Sabotage highlights the gentle, beautiful and fragile aspects, creating a world where labels of women and men are disassembled. 

As humans we want to control ourselves, the person next to us and the world we are living in. Everyone and everything is under control, it’s the forest behind your house, it’s your doctor and the person you see in the mirror.

Sabotage is introducing a new circus discipline to the world, called “Nest”. It’s created by Saana Leppänen. Nest is knotted together using cyr wheel and four ropes all hanging from one point. 

Performance is inspired by Henry Fuseli painting Nightmare. 

Circus disciplines: vertical rope, cyr wheel, hand to hand, dance acrobatics, perch pole, hair hanging and Nest (multiply rope structure created around cyr wheel)

Artist & director: Saana Leppänen (FI), Kert Ridaste (EE), Lars Schmidt (DE)

Co-producer: Sirkus Aikamoinen, PartnerAkro

Residency support: Näyttämö (Finland), Subtopia (Sweden), Kam Hram (Croatia), PartnerAkro (Estonia)

Sound design: Lars Schmidt

Performance length: 55 minutes

Recommended audience: all ages

About artist:

Kert Ridaste and Saana Leppänen are coming from countries close to each other, Estonia and Finland.
Both started at early age in local youth circus. While Kert was in OMAtsirkus emphasizing movement and dancing and competing in partner acrobatics, Saana was in Sorin Sirkus focusing on aerials and expressing herself on stage trough theater. 

Their roads met in Dance and Circus University at Stockholm (DOCH) where they graduated together at 2018 with disciplines of hand to hand, dance acrobatics and vertical rope. Yet both of them have their own colorful background they realized the enjoyment of moving, creating and at the end performing together. Therefore they decided to work towards full length circus show and let other people see the roughness, beauty and fragility of these two bodies. 

* Circus SaboK residence is part of Artist in residence programme.
Artist in residence programme is created to provide different artists support for creation and at the same time creating local contemporary circus programme through production support and education. 

Program is supported by the Foundation Kultura nova, City of Split, Split-Dalmatia county. Programme is part of the project “Gradimo Dom zajedno”, founded by European union through European social fund.

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