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Through the competition ‘Circus Residential Network’, the association Cirkorama from Zagreb, Cirkus Kolektiv and ROOM 100 from Split, Prostor plus from Rijeka, Čarobnjakov šešir from Pula and K.V.A.R.K. from Križevci are opening their spaces for art residences of regional circus artists. The competition aims to contribute to the development of the regional circus scene.

The competition is open from 22.3. to 5.4.2021. at 23:59, and the results will be published by 12.4.2021.

Applications are accepted via the form.

Contemporary circus artists and related performing arts collectives are invited to submit their artistic ideas and emerging works to the competition for residential support. Travel expenses, accommodation, workspace, organization of work-in-progress performance, necessary technical conditions for performance, and media visibility are provided.

During the selection, projects that possess innovation, originality, critical thinking, reflexivity, commitment and interdisciplinary cooperation will be especially evaluated.

The competition is intended primarily for regional circus artists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo, and is open to all circus, dance, acting, new media and interdisciplinary ideas and emerging works.

With their works, artists are competing for accessible terms for residence and creation in 2021 in five different spaces in Croatia:

- Cirkobalkana circus tent (Zagreb)

- Mala scena Doma mladih (Split)

- HALA 100 (Split)

- Gallery and performing space of Filodrammatica venue (Rijeka)

- Hall and theatre DC Rojc (Pula)

- Klub Kulture (Križevci)

Descriptions of venues are available on the link.

It is possible to apply for the same residency project in several different spaces and/or cities. One person can be a co-author in several submitted projects.

The Circus residential network plans to support a total of 6 residences in an individual duration of a maximum of 15 days to be held by the end of 2021.

At the end of each supported residency, artists will give a public presentation of the work in progress and be given the opportunity to talk to the audience about the work presented.

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