Dom mladih Split

Mali amfiteatar

This amphitheater with 350 seats is available for use in consultation with the Multimedia Cultural Centre. It hosts Pričigin — a storytelling festival, which is known as one of the most visited cultural events in Split; various international tours of contemporary circus and other performance programs. The amphitheater is recognized as an important stage in the city of Split.

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2nd Kids' Open Stage

KULTURNA ALTERNATIVA MLADIH — HRAM is welcoming you to our second Kids Open stage — evening of performances! 

Mali amfiteatar, performance


Circus Sabok: Sabotage

The show brings gender issues closer to people by forgetting the individualism and showing that we are all the same. On stage, you can see male and female bodies, but only one mind that works in unison. 

Mali amfiteatar, music, performance


Zvuk 100: Marja Ahti

ZVUK 100 is a new experimental music and performing program run by contemporary circus collective ROOM 100 with an aim to introduce experimental and ambiance electronic music to the local community and tourists in Split and surrounding cities. ZVUK 100 hosts different musicians/artists from Croatia, region and Europe and on June 27th 2019 we are hosting Swedish-Finnish artist Marja Ahti.

Madame Gauc: Fil (work-in-progress)

We are pleased to invite you to the work-in-progress presentation of “Fil” by the Spanish contemporary circus collective Madame Gauc in Amfiteatar Doma mladih on […]

NMG@PRAKTIKA_Niko Mihaljević: Need Your Love So Bad, performance

Need Your Love So Bad is a famous blues ballad composed way back in 1955. Multiple covers of the tune exist, but the most famous one […]

It Happens (work-in-progress)

It happens… is a solo trapeze act based on movement research and theatre. It happens is a personal piece, a creation with an own life that happens to happen, a tiny peep into the life of Júlia, the performer. It happens… is a dialogue between success and failure, beauty and shame, serenity and frustration.

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