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Aaron Kozloff: Aerial straps workshop

This workshop will be beneficial for aerial artists who want to improve their spinning technique, meathooks/reverse-meathooks, roll-ups, and other skills on any apparatus. No straps experience required.

STRAPS ARE FUN! (Aerial Straps 1)
Learn fundamental techniques for safe and effective training of aerial straps that will improve your power and control across all apparatuses. Straps are fun. Students warm up using a set of exercises designed to pre-habilitate and strengthen the shoulders, then cover fundamental static positions on straps (meathook, inverted straddle, nutcracker, croc, support, flag, and side balance). Straps are fun. The end of the workshop will focus on 2 and 1‑arm spinning using the dynamic technique of flares to invert to different positions. I swear straps are fun. 

Prerequisites: 2 arm inversions of any kind (straddle-up, tuck-up, pike-up) 1‑arm hangs with engaged shoulder for 10 – 20 seconds (or 2‑arm for 30), and 20 – 30 second wall handstand or 45-second plank.

The price for the workshop is 250 kn, number of participants is very limited so reserve your spot through kamhram@​gmail.​com or by sending a message to the inbox of the page.

During his stay in Split, Aaron is available for private classes in variety of disciplines. For more info send an e‑mail to kamhram@​gmail.​com with a subject “Aaron_privates”.

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